Sofoco Tools V17

Sofoco Tools V17
V, July 2017

Sofoco Tools are FREE utility programs that have been requested by our users. Over the years many have become redundant as similar tools are now built into BricsCAD or other plug-ins. Sofoco Tools works with BricsCAD V17.

Impose Template
Import layers, linetypes and block definitions from a template into the current drawing
Layer Mapper
Given a consultant's or surveyor's drawing, translate the layers in it to match your template
Layer Legend
A legend lists the layers in the current drawing and their linetypes (for surveyors mainly)
MText these Texts
Collect several one-line Text entities into a single paragraph - an Mtext
Convert polylines to 'lightweight' 2D, to old style 2D or to 3D
Remove duplicate entities from drawings (superseded by OVERKILL)
Add a prefix or suffix to selected text entities
Flip texts and mtexts so that they can be read from the bottom or from the right of the page
Draw a polyline box or capsule around texts or MTexts. Also draws borders around anything else!
Swap positions of two texts, eg bearing and distance
Removes Wipeouts created by the ACAD TextMask command
Draw by Bearing and Distance
Draw lines using bearings (ddd.mmss) and distances
Annotate Lines
Label lines with bearing and distance
Annotate Points
Label points with Easting and Northing
Annotate Arcs
Label Arcs with radius, chord length, arc length and chord bearing
Setout Arcs
Label Arc start and end points, then create a curve setout list with coordinates and offsets for setting out each arc on site
Brick Wall Linetypes
Used to show a building or occupation - four different 'brick' linetypes allow us to distinguish adjacent lines
Set Attribute Properties
Change the Layer, Color, Linetype and Lineweight, Style etc. of a selection of Block Attributes
Like Explode, but Block Attribute values are converted to Texts instead of AttDef entities
Wrong Way - Go Back
Reverse the direction of lines, arcs and polylines
For flipping (mirroring) blocks left/right or in/out. Mainly for door swings or gate symbols
Insert a block by placing two points A and B. The block is inserted at A, rotated and optionally stretched towards point B
Read xyz ascii files to create points or polylines in Bricscad, eg GPS datalogger tracks, laser scans. Requires BricsCAD Pro
Output the coordinates of a polyline to the clipboard or a text file, eg for survey setout
Scale entities using different scale factors in X, Y and Z
Convert small images to Blocks containing polylines (thus 'binding' the image into the drawing). Requires BricsCAD Pro