Australia Parabuild Library

We've made a library of Australian ("BHP") Steel Profiles and ASI Standard Connections macros. The library comes as an installer, which puts the different profile and macro files into the correct Parabuild folders.

We'll update this library from time to time, so check back here for the latest version.

When installing the library, choose the main Parabuild folder.
(By default this is on the C drive called Parabuild V4)

If running on Parabuild V3 please use the 4.4 Library.

AJUST_A_BAR modelled with BricsCAD

AJUST-A-BAR tills the soil, to an adjustable depth or 'aggression'. Most broadacre tillage implements have a fixed depth of cut. Ajustabar can lightly cut stubble or aggressively cut weeds by adjusting the angle of the support arms. The folding mechanism also makes it easy to tow through gates and on roads.

Martin Contracting Pty Ltd in Bungowannah, New South Wales developed the Ajust-a-bar implement. Sarah Boyd modelled the mechanism and created production parts drawings using BricsCAD Platinum. See

GullyCraft Whirlygig

Sofoco bought a wooden toy whirligig from Robin Mills of GullyCraft in Maiden Gully, Bendigo - a gift.

The whirligig shows Robin's grandpa endlessly cranking his old Ferguson tractor. All the wooden parts are beautifully made and painted, glued and screwed with stainless screws and running on sealed ball bearings.

Sheet Metal Workbench

BricsCAD V15 Platinum includes a Sheet Metal toolbar with capabilities for
- recognising sheet metal models,
- re-thickening models so that all thickness faces are perpendicular to the sheet,
- adding corner reliefs,
- converting sharp edges to bends or flange junctions,
- splitting flanges to allow unfolding,
- unfolding the model to a flat pattern for cutting.


Parabuild is a structural steel modeller. Create engineering structures in 3D with parametric connection details.
Generate dimensioned shop detail drawings and bills of material for every component and welded assembly.

See more at or call us on +61 402 346 961


With Artisan you can create great images of your models within minutes. With
the parameters optimised to produce the best results, you won't get bogged down
in complex settings.

Artisan connects directly to your cad system and works with the current model.
There is no need to import or export your models. Simply click the Artisan toolbar
button and the model will automatically load in Artisan.